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There are many benefits
by using fabrics again.
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About the project
recycling 2.0

About the project

We prevent the waste of unwanted fabrics and textile products by giving them a second life in the form of practical products with a new purpose, useful in every home.

Our project links fabric manufacturers and industries in a joint and creative effort to give new life to unwanted fabrics and textile products.

World is the
greatest patchwork.
We upcycle with
care of its future.

Only pros of upcycling

Better for the environment

Better for the environment

The creation and use of products derived from upcycling results in the fact that we reduce the need to make new fabrics and prevent unnecessary waste of raw materials, energy and water.



Products created as part of upcycling support charity, communities of people in need, as well as shelters.

Good fun

Good fun

Alleged unnecessary materials can result in great fun for creative workshop participants. Anyone from toddler to senior can create unique upcycled stuff.

Wonderful gift

Wonderful gift

Upcycled products are unique handicrafts. They are a gift straight from the heart of their creator, that’s why they have exceptional power and a beautiful history.

Choose upcycled products

Each choice for the benefit of the planet is enormous However, the recycling of products, i.e. the recovery of raw materials, often requires more energy,almost equal to the manufacture of completely new products.

That is why it is so important to know the advantages of upcycling, called recycling 2.0, consisting in giving the manufactured, but seemingly unnecessary products, a renewed value.

Choose <span>upcycled products</span>

What can you obtain?

Original products

Products derived from upcycling are diverse and manufactured in small quantities. You can easily call them unique as well as in design as in product.


By choosing upcycled textile products you have a direct impact on environmental welfare. By buying upcycled products you limit material waste. This creates a feeling of doing well for our planet.

Savings for the environment

Making 15 running meters of fabric, for example for a sofa, requires about 500l of water and nearly 100 kWh of electricity in various production processes. The same, and sometimes even much more, requires recycling. By choosing a sofa in upcycled fabric, you save water and energy.

Submit your work

Are you a creator who has an idea
for up-using fabrics?

Send us project description, visualization or photo of an already made product and take advantage of our offer.


Submit your work

What can you obtain?

Materials for the project.

Help in handing over your products to those in need and the certificate confirming it.

Sales support or offer to buy your products.

Order the fabric

Seemingly unnecessary fabrics and their manufacture residues can be used on a larger scale to create unique commercial products.

The fact that they are created as the fruit of upcycling is not only their marketing value, but will also affect the originality of each project.


Order the fabric

What can you obtain?

Great product

Create a short series of unique products, from toys, through upholstered furniture, to a unique architectural design.

Attractive price

Instead of ordering new made fabrics, it is worth checking those already available and even get higher quality materials at a better price.

Image benefits

Awareness is growing in terms of environmentally responsible manufacturing. Also consumers are shopping more and more based on environmental concern.

Pass the fabric

Do you represent a company with unnecessary materials or textile residues?

Contact us to talk about cooperation.

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Pass the fabric

What can you obtain?

Your brand’s participation in corporate social responsibility projects.

A gift in the form of products made using your fabrics.

Assistance in handing over upcycled products to those in need along with the certificate.